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E. B. White
"There is nothing more likely to start disagreement among people or countries than an agreement."

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How to Fade Eyebrows
Eyebrows naturally start lighter near your nose and get darker towards the tail. When you fade your eyebrows, you’ll enhance this look. Fill in your brows with a subtle fade to achieve nice shape and lift. For a more dramatic look, make a more obvious gradient from the beginning of your brows to the ends. This also create a lovely frame for your eye. Create an ombre effect by lining and filling in your brows with different, matching shades of pencil and powder.

Sports : NPR
Rugby Player Phaidra Knight Retires After 18 Years
"A violent yet controlled sport that's kind of a form of art." That's how Phaidra Knight describes rugby. On her retirement, she tells NPR's Lulu Garcia-Navarro what drew her to the sport.
Not My Job: Football Hall Of Famer Jerry Rice Gets Quizzed On Hannah Montana
In the 1980s, wide receiver Jerry Rice and quarterback Joe Montana formed one of the greatest offensive tandems in football. So we'll ask Rice about the other great Montana — Hannah.
Weekly Sports Chat: Dallas Cowboy Suspended, Track And Field Goodbyes
NPR's Scott Simon talks about the week in sports — NFL suspensions, track and field farewells and a baseball player sold on the cheap — with NPR's Tom Goldman.
Inside Wrigley Field, The Scorekeepers Stay True To Baseball's Beginnings
The home of the Chicago Cubs is also home to a living relic: one of the few remaining vintage scoreboards operated by hand.
Baseball Hopes Players Weekend Will Bring New Spark To The Traditional Game
Players of the traditionally conservative sport will bust loose with "uniquely colored and designed" gear, including nicknames on their jerseys. The teams hope to sell a bunch of that merchandise too.

"Make it Tonight" - EatingWell

Arts & Life : NPR
Pop Culture Happy Hour: A Look At Literary Adaptations
TV and movie producers are looking to the shelves for inspiration: a number of popular shows and films this year started as books.
40 Years After His Death, Elvis Presley Still Draws Large Crowds
Elvis Presley died 40 years ago today in Memphis, Tenn. Tens of thousands of fans have gone to his Graceland home to commemorate the singer.
3 Romances For Your August Escape
The lazy days of August call for getaway reading, so we've got three romances that'll take you from old China to the small-town South, featuring couples who learn love is closer than they think.
An Oddball Family That Can't Connect In 'How To Behave In A Crowd'
Camille Bordas keeps things light in her smart, charming new novel, but there are serious underpinnings to this story about the youngest member of a family of quirky, emotionally closed overachievers.
Rachel Martin's High School Reunion
Rachel Martin graduated from Idaho Falls High School 25 years ago. She's checking in with some of the people she knew in high school — including Eric Hsu, who served as her senior class president.

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